Using Olympus’ License Manager in ODMS R6

Stanley Freeman, Olympus’ Technical Specialist in Audio, loves sharing hints and tricks about the new Professional Dictation Systems. Here’s what he has to say about using License Manager in ODMS R6.

The License Manager is a program that serves collective accounts and manages licenses for ODMS R6 and DSS Player Pro R5 users installed in a workgroup configuration. With the License Manager software installed users can:

  • Register multi licenses for the dictation and transcription software.
  • Monitor the status of the dictation and transcription software on the network.
  • Delete the dictation and transcription user accounts.
  • Provide an output list of the dictation and transcription users.

The License Manager also polices the network to ensure only authorized users are able to use the ODMS R6 or DSS Player Pro R5 software and can be used in a Citrix Presentation server or Terminal Service environment. The License Manager is located on the Admin CD and requires a installation serial number during the installation.