Portable Dictation

Exceptional voice capture, intuitive control, and superior security all in an ultra-durable body.

Improve efficiency, comfort and control with powerful, speech-optimized dedicated dictation devices. Olympus Portable Dictation devices don’t just have a reputation for being unbreakable; they are true workhorses that last.

Superior accuracy. The speech-optimized 10mm microphone excels in capturing a full range of natural speaking voices, achieving the highest Dragon NaturallySpeaking Certified rating from Nuance.

Record and Edit with Ease. An ergonomic slide switch makes recording comfortable and fast, and a classic, intuitive interface allows for single-handed and blind operation. Just a flick of the thumb takes you back to your intended place or back-start without looking at the screen.

Charge and Transfer Simply. The low-profile docking station is not only a convenient home base for charging and storing your dictation device, but enables quick data review or transfer with a USB connection and optional footswitch for handsfree tasks.

Durable and Secure. With a tough metal body that can withstand heavy-duty use and dependable security, including a 256-bit AES encryption system, it far surpasses the capabilities of typical smartphone recording devices.