Olympus Announces Partnership with BigHand, Inc.

Olympus Imaging America Inc., a market leader for portable digital voice recorders, professional dictation devices and Linear PCM music recorders, is proud to announce its partnership with BigHand North America, a voice productivity software solution company with more than 192,000 users worldwide.

BigHandDownloadDatasheetButton_226x105BigHand will serve as an integral partner for Olympus’ professional line of Revolutionary Voice Systems and accessories. This partnership will allow customers to utilize Olympus® professional digital recorders and BigHand’s Voice Productivity Technology as a bundled solution, providing enhanced efficiency and allowing them to
get more done with their voice.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with BigHand,” said Amy Leslie, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “It’s a partnership that makes sense given our shared goals of providing our users with the best dictation equipment and best-in-class technology to meet their individual business needs.”

“BigHand’s voice productivity solution enables users to dictate anywhere at any time using a secure cloud or enterprise infrastructure,” said Eric Wangler, President, BigHand North America. “By teaming up with Olympus to add their state-of-the-art professional digital dictation products to our offerings, we’re confident we’ll be even better equipped to meet the business needs of our clients and to deliver an efficiency-enhancing solution that’s right for our clients.”

BigHand is the leading global provider of digital dictation, voice productivity and workflow solutions.

For more information on Olympus’ full line of Revolutionary Voice System devices, visit https://olympusamericaprodictation.com. For more information on Olympus’ full line of digital recording devices, visit http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/recorders.

For more information about BigHand, visit www.bighand.com.

Established in 1996, BigHand supports more digital dictation users directly, across the professional services and public sectors, than any other provider in the industry.

BigHand’s productivity enhancing software combines enterprise digital dictation, mobility applications (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows devices), digital hardware (e.g. Olympus) and speech recognition integration, offering professionals a proven business application that enables them to use their voice to get more done, while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing overhead costs.

BigHand also provides a Workflow Management Solution that allows businesses to use BigHand’s extensive workflow, priority and collaboration tools to digitize and manage document production and task allocation processes. This enables their clients to attain greater visibility over their workload and processes and benefit from greater efficiency through increased collaboration.

For more information, visit www.bighand.com.

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