ODMS R6 and File Management

ODMS R6 allows users to enable and disable file management.

Stanley Freeman, Olympus’ Technical Specialist in Audio, loves sharing hints and tricks about the new Professional Dictation Systems. Here’s September’s:

Have you ever sent a file via email using ODMS R6 that has a long file name when received? For example: 06C71912-F7F8-4f1a-988A-EEB292A95524_STAN0012.dss. This is known as file management. The file is renamed during transmission so that ODMS/R5 can read additional information about the file and import into the Transcription Module. This could include option information such as the voice recognition status etc. Generally if you’re using the Dictation Module and Transcription Module from end-to-end it doesn’t cause an issue. If you would like to disable this feature so that the file is not renamed, simply disable the ‘Send management file’ option in ODMS.

  • Click Tools > Options
  • Select Email/FTP.
  • Select Send & Receive.
  • Select Do not send management file.
  • This will not rename the file as it assumes the dictation is being transferred to a PC without R5/ODMS.