Industry Solutions

Solutions for Law Firms

Modern technology is enhancing the way lawyers interact with clients, changing how firms manage their businesses and altering the way information is shared. Specifically, advances in digital technology within the dictation and transcription process have transformed how law firms process recorded information. Achieve immediate, efficient and secure information capture, and reduce document turnaround time with Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.


Business Dictation Solutions

Solutions for Businesses

An executive’s time is stretched thinner than ever. As the need to generate leads and grow revenue increases, the need to keep thorough, accurate records grows proportionally. How can a businessperson automate work and share information, all while saving time and concentrating on their core competencies? Create detailed records in a fraction of the time of typing with Olympus Digital Dictation solutions and streamline the transcription process by integrating directly with any workflow and leading speech recognition software. The result is improved recordkeeping and efficiency without significantly increased overhead.


Solutions for Healthcare

Faced with the public’s ever-growing need for healthcare services, doctors, radiologists, nurses and their employers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency at their practices and hospitals. Olympus Professional Dictation solutions securely streamline the recording and dissemination of critical patient data and notes, saving time and money, and can be configured to fit into any IT environment, EHR / EMR system or workflow.


Law Enforcement

Solutions for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials are tasked with one of the most critical roles in our communities: keeping our families safe. To do that – and make the most of taxpayer dollars – it is essential that they complete their work efficiently and accurately. Manual note-taking is time-consuming and mistake-prone, and microcassettes reproduce sound poorly and wear out quickly. That’s why more and more law enforcement workers are turning to Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.