Getting the most out of the default speaker option for your DS-7000

There are several ways to play sound out of your
DS-7000 through your computer.

Stanley Freeman, Olympus’ Technical Specialist in Audio, loves sharing hints and tricks about the new Professional Dictation Systems. Here’s August’s:

There have been a few inquiries concerning an issue with the default speaker when the DS-7000 is connected to the computer. The sound tends to play out of the DS-7000 and not the computer’s speaker, even when the “PC speakers” option is selected in ODMS R6.

Aside from going into the Sound properties of Windows (Control Panel > Sound and Audio) and ensuring that the PC Speaker is set as the “Default Device,” the best way to resolve this issue would be to set the DS-7000 in Storage Mode (Device Menu > USB Class > Storage). This can also be found under the General Device Settings in ODMS. This would completely disable the Speaker function of the DS-7000 and make it recognizable as removable storage. The DS-7000 will still be identified in ODMS R6 and all other functions will work as normal.