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Microphones vs Voice Recorders; Which dictation device is best for my needs?

Although dictation microphones and digital voice recorders both rely on advanced audio technology, they work differently, and therefore perform different functions.  Understanding these differences will help you select the best system for your dictation workflow.

There are common devices used in different industries, however, your specific preference and environment are the largest variable in choosing what product is best for your needs.  Let’s look at some specifics:

Meet the Next Generation of RecMic

Dictation Microphones

Olympus’ line of Dictation Microphones (Rec Mic II) are designed for desktop dictation.  The RM-Series microphones are USB powered and made for “plug and play” use, integrating seamlessly into workflows with quick and easy installation and setup on any computer.

  • The type of device mainly used for “front-end” speech recognition
  • Needs to be connected to a computer (limited mobile use)
  • Usually paired with speech recognition software for immediate transcription to a file, eliminating the cost and delay of sending out for transcription
  • Allows speakers to check their notes at the time of recording

Voice Recorders

Digital Voice Recorders are portable devices designed specifically for professionals who need to dictate on the move.  Olympus’ DS-Series recorders feature superior accuracy, durability, and security, for high quality recordings to simplify and enhance workflows.

  • This device can be used with “back-end” speech recognition
  • Used in situations where you are saving a file to be transcribed later or may need to dictate in a variety of different locations and settings.
  • Highly mobile; can change desks or locations easily
  • Although many business professionals find digital voice recorders to be a valuable tool, they are the preferred dictation solution for legal and law enforcement.

Talk to your Olympus dealer about whether a microphone or a voice recorder is better for your business.  Either way, you will be getting a dictation solution that works as hard as you do.