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Conference Recording: Never Again Miss a Moment of the Action


Companies, executives and media professionals alike have struggled with how best to capture the energy and the details of large-scale meetings, events and presentations in a way that results in a true-to-life soundtrack.

Previously, the answer involved expensive integrated audio-visual systems, or capturing poor performing, impossible-to-hear audio files by using off-the-shelf handheld recorders.

Today, however, powerful, portable and high-quality conference recording is possible. The Olympus ME-33 Boundary Microphone and ME-30W Microphone Kit, combined with the Olympus professional voice recorder DS-3500, are designed to address all of the common challenges of recording in a large-scale venue and to clearly capture voices at a distance.

The ME-33 Boundary Microphone offers omni-directional capabilities designed for panel discussions, conference calls or large meetings with many attendees. This kind of 360-degree coverage means every attendee will be heard on the final high-quality audio file. The ME-33 also eliminates ultra-high and ultra-low frequency background noise automatically and offers unparalled audio quality compared to competitors in the market. Daisy chain three ME-33s together to boost the single-channel capabilities, or up to six units for full-on stereo recording. Better yet, the available handheld remote offers rapid-response control, further enhancing the user’s ability to start and stop recording with no distraction to the meeting continuity.

The ME-30W Microphone Kit features two low-noise electret condenser microphones that can be placed up to 16 feet apart for full left- and right-channel coverage. A favorite of journalists & law enforcement, the ME-30W can cover a 20-20,000 Hz frequency response, making it the ideal choice for investigative interviews, conferences or small office meetings.

Both the ME-33 Boundary Microphone and ME-30W Microphone Kit are compact enough to take anywhere.

Capture hours of high-quality audio with ease and never again miss a moment of the action with the Olympus line of conference recording solutions.