Feature Spotlights

  1. ME-30W Two Microphones for Interviews & Conferences

    While Olympus Digital Recorders are great for most occasions, especially personal dictations, the ME-30W Microphone kit is an invaluable tool for recording large conferences, interviews and everything in between. The kit features two microphones that can be…

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  2. A Case for Optical Slide Switches

    Olympus digital recorders are designed to simplify your workflow process and increase your overall dictation management efficiency with high quality equipment that’s built to last. One way Olympus works to do just that is by incorporating an…

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  3. Anti-Microbial Housing on the RecMic II

    The antimicrobial housing on the RecMic II is achieved by the technology provided by our supplier Polygiene. http://polygiene.com/protective-surfaces/ Polygiene antimicrobial technology is based on the natural ability of silver to inhibit the growth of microbes. The Polygiene…

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  4. What are Pop Filters in Recorders?

    Olympus digital recorders offer a crucial noise-eliminating feature essential to clean, crisp recordings. Equipped with pop filters, Olympus digital recorders can filter out sudden breath noises embedded in speaking, providing clear and easy to understand files. Pop…

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  5. VCVA in Digital Recorders

    VCVA, or Variable Control Voice Actuator, is a technology developed by Olympus to prevent the recording of silence during an extended time, in an effort to conserve power, decrease recording space, and decrease playback time. VCVA in…

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  6. Recorders Built to Last

    Most Professionals that use an Olympus Digital Recorder have a job that requires the ability to receive and record crisp, clear audio.  They depend on the proven reliability of Olympus engineering standards.  Olympus “toughness” gets measured every…

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  7. Intelligent Dual Microphones

    Intelligent Dual Microphones: How do they work?

    Have you ever wondered why there are two microphones on Olympus Professional Digital recorders? Advanced technology allows us to utilize directionality to focus on the source of the audio by using two points of reference. These dual…

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  8. Encryption: Securing Your Digital Recordings

    Data security is a critical element for all businesses in today’s digital landscape. As attackers become more sophisticated, businesses need to ensure they take steps to protect their data from increasingly aggressive attacks.  Olympus takes data security seriously.…

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  9. Utilizing WiFi to Boost Dictation Workflow

    Back-to-back client meetings or courthouse hearings mean there is no time to dock your device to get your files started in the transcription process.  With a WiFi voice recorder, all you need is a few minutes to…

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