Best Practices

  1. Olympus Dictation App Registration – Portal

    The Olympus Dictation App can be used as a trial version on your mobile device, but to use the licensed version of the App, you must contact an Olympus reseller.  The reseller will then invite you via…

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  2. Olympus Dictation App Registration

    The Olympus Dictation App is perfect for users who are dictating on the go and want to stay connected with their workflow while doing so. Registering for the app is simple and a 60 free trial is…

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  3. Document Templates

    If you plan on incorporating your dictations into documents, setting up templates through ODMS to have predetermined locations, fonts and text sizes for your transcribed audio can be very useful to expedite the transcription workflow. The video…

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  4. Wireless Communication Service Installation

    When working in teams it can be useful to have multiple users with the capability of sharing dictations via WiFi. The Olympus Wireless Communication Service allows you to do just that and is included in the ODMS…

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  5. Software Encryption

    Protecting your audio files is simple with Olympus Dictation Management Software encryption options. The video below demonstrates how to encrypt your folders through the software and shows how variations of software and device encryption will affect files.…

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  6. Wireless Download

    Easily save time when using the DS-9500 Voice Recorder by configuring it to automatically send dictations to a predefined folder via WiFi. The video below demonstrates how to properly set up your recorder for the wireless download…

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  7. Web SCP Installation

    Managing files via the Web SCP for ODMS 7 can be an incredibly useful tool for an organization with users in different locations.  Olympus Web SCP offers a vast array of features and allows administrators to centrally…

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  8. Document Association

    Recordings often need to have notes or transcriptions attached.  The Olympus Dictation Management System makes it easy to link your recordings with desired documents, watch the video below to learn how. This video demonstrates how to associate…

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  9. Device Security

    Depending on your line of work, or the specific project or case you are working on, it may be vital for you to maintain a high level of privacy and security for your recordings. Keeping your dictation…

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  10. Adding Users to the Web SCP for ODMS R7

    Collaborating with team members when handling audio files can be very useful, especially when users are on the go and unable to properly manage files themselves or for transcription purposes. The video below demonstrates how to add…

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  11. Setting Up Encryption on the DS-9500 Voice Recorder

    When it comes to keeping your recording files secure, you can trust the DS-9500’s 256-bit encryption feature to protect your data when transferring it from the recorder itself to a transcriptionist or a voice to text application.…

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  12. Switch Between Storage & Composite Mode on DS-9500 & DS-9000

    When connecting your Digital Recorder to your computer, you have the option for your device to either act as a hard drive or to essentially act as a speaker/microphone through the Storage and Composite mode options. The…

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  13. Recording Options for the DS-9500 & DS-9000

    Learn how the various settings for recording options including: Mic Mode, Mic Sense and Rec Mode impact the recordings of your DS-9500 or DS-9000 in the video below.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if…

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  14. How to configure ODMS R7 in Stand Alone Mode

    Configure ODMS R7 in stand alone mode on your computer to quickly and easily manage your audio files. There are a number of options throughout the configuration process in the start-up wizard that are covered in the…

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  15. voice comment ds-9000

    Create Verbal Comments on DS-9500 and DS-9000

    Leave a voice comment within your recordings to provide instructions or notes about the recording that can be used by a transcriptionist or yourself for future editing. The video below demonstrates how to initiate a comment within…

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  16. VCVA settings

    How to activate VCVA on the DS-9500 or DS-9000

    Save time, power and recording space by using the VCVA (Voice Control Voice Actuator) feature on your recorder. This feature allows for automated stoppage in recording to prevent the recording of extended periods of silence, ideal for…

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  17. Add a Delivery Email on Your DS-9500

    Quickly add email addresses to your DS-9500 while you are on the go to send your dictation files to a number of different destinations instantly. The video below demonstrates how to add email addresses and send your…

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  18. microphone settings for personal dication

    Best Settings for DS-9500 & DS-9000 for Personal Dictation

    When using your Olympus Digital Voice recorder for personal handheld dictation it is best to optimize your microphone settings and recording mode accordingly. The video below demonstrates how to adjust these settings.  Here are the best…

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  19. enhance battery life

    Enhance Battery Life on your DS-9500

    If you are using your Olympus Digital Recorder for hours on end each day, and having to charge your device frequently due to battery life running low, there are a few settings that can be adjusted to…

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  20. Conference room recording

    Best Settings for DS-9500 & DS-9000 in Conference Room Mode

    When using your Olympus Digital Voice recorder in a conference room setting, it is best to optimize your microphone settings and recording mode accordingly. The video below demonstrates how to adjust these settings.  Here are the…

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