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  1. Building an effective dictation solution. The evolution of ODMS

    Olympus’ dictation workflow software provides a solution to help business professionals save time and resources. Learn more about how our solution has evolved to become the industry leading option for dictation management.

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  2. What are Pop Filters in Recorders?

    Olympus digital recorders offer a crucial noise-eliminating feature essential to clean, crisp recordings. Equipped with pop filters, Olympus digital recorders can filter out sudden breath noises embedded in speaking, providing clear and easy to understand files. Pop…

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  3. Recording Options for the DS-9500 & DS-9000

    Learn how the various settings for recording options including: Mic Mode, Mic Sense and Rec Mode impact the recordings of your DS-9500 or DS-9000 in the video below.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if…

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  4. Microphones vs Voice Recorders; Which dictation device is best for my needs?

    Although dictation microphones and digital voice recorders both rely on advanced audio technology, they work differently, and therefore perform different functions.  Understanding these differences will help you select the best system for your dictation workflow. There are…

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  5. MGMA19 | The Annual Conference

    Join us at the 2019 MGMA conference at Booth #1315 From Sunday to Tuesday at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center We will be demonstrating how Olympus Dictation Solutions can improve productivity and accuracy in…

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  6. VCVA in Digital Recorders

    VCVA, or Variable Control Voice Actuator, is a technology developed by Olympus to prevent the recording of silence during an extended time, in an effort to conserve power, decrease recording space, and decrease playback time. VCVA in…

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  7. How to configure ODMS R7 in Stand Alone Mode

    Configure ODMS R7 in stand alone mode on your computer to quickly and easily manage your audio files. There are a number of options throughout the configuration process in the start-up wizard that are covered in the…

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  8. voice comment ds-9000

    Create Verbal Comments on DS-9500 and DS-9000

    Leave a voice comment within your recordings to provide instructions or notes about the recording that can be used by a transcriptionist or yourself for future editing. The video below demonstrates how to initiate a comment within…

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  9. Recorders Built to Last

    Most Professionals that use an Olympus Digital Recorder have a job that requires the ability to receive and record crisp, clear audio.  They depend on the proven reliability of Olympus engineering standards.  Olympus “toughness” gets measured every…

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  10. VCVA settings

    How to activate VCVA on the DS-9500 or DS-9000

    Save time, power and recording space by using the VCVA (Voice Control Voice Actuator) feature on your recorder. This feature allows for automated stoppage in recording to prevent the recording of extended periods of silence, ideal for…

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  11. Add a Delivery Email on Your DS-9500

    Quickly add email addresses to your DS-9500 while you are on the go to send your dictation files to a number of different destinations instantly. The video below demonstrates how to add email addresses and send your…

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  12. Why Go Pro Dictation?

    An accurate transcription starts with a high-quality audio recording. This is true whether your transcriptions are created with speech recognition software, a person using a transcription kit, or a combination of both.  That’s because the clearer the audio, the more easily every word will be understood and transcribed correctly.

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  13. Intelligent Dual Microphones

    Intelligent Dual Microphones: How do they work?

    Have you ever wondered why there are two microphones on Olympus Professional Digital recorders? Advanced technology allows us to utilize directionality to focus on the source of the audio by using two points of reference. These dual…

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  14. 10 Trade Secrets to Choosing the Best Dictation System

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution to capturing dictation. Some combinations of hardware, software, and process, however, work better in certain workflows.   We asked two Olympus certified dealers to tell us how they guide their customers in building…

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  15. microphone settings for personal dication

    Best Settings for DS-9500 & DS-9000 for Personal Dictation

    When using your Olympus Digital Voice recorder for personal handheld dictation it is best to optimize your microphone settings and recording mode accordingly. The video below demonstrates how to adjust these settings.  Here are the best…

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  16. enhance battery life

    Enhance Battery Life on your DS-9500

    If you are using your Olympus Digital Recorder for hours on end each day, and having to charge your device frequently due to battery life running low, there are a few settings that can be adjusted to…

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  17. Encryption: Securing Your Digital Recordings

    Data security is a critical element for all businesses in today’s digital landscape. As attackers become more sophisticated, businesses need to ensure they take steps to protect their data from increasingly aggressive attacks.  Olympus takes data security seriously.…

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  18. Conference room recording

    Best Settings for DS-9500 & DS-9000 in Conference Room Mode

    When using your Olympus Digital Voice recorder in a conference room setting, it is best to optimize your microphone settings and recording mode accordingly. The video below demonstrates how to adjust these settings.  Here are the…

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  19. 2019 NSA Technology Conference

    Come See Us For A Chance To Win an Olympus Pro Voice Recorder! At the 2019 NSA Technology Conference in Louisville, KY Stop by our booth to see how Olympus Dictation Solutions can improve productivity and mission responsiveness for…

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  20. Is it Time to Upgrade your Dictation Devices? A Little Pre-Planning Can Smooth the Transition

    Advances in digital technology have transformed the process of dictation, offering voice recognition, dictation devices with increased  speed and accuracy, the ability to insert and overwrite dictation, and greater stability and integrity of audio files. Already, using…

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