Dictation Mics For Radiologists

The Olympus RecMic is ideal for radiologists.

Olympus’ line of RecMic USB microphones provide radiologists and other medical professionals with a cost-efficient, reliable and secure alternative to typing or using low-quality digital voice recorders.

Capable of tight integration with leading EMR/PACS software suites, RecMic USB microphones are the ideal choice for any user where streamlined, accurate data entry is a priority. Forget hours of typing; with RecMic, radiologists simply speak and watch the words appear.

Superior Audio Quality.

Olympus RecMic Dictation MicrophoneRecMic USB microphones are meticulously engineered to provide the best possible audio quality – a key factor in the accuracy of voice recognition software and EMR/PACS integration.

All three RecMic models feature professional-quality microphones that automatically filter out background noise with a higher signal-to-noise ratio than competitive models. This is accomplished through the use of uni-directional mic technology, which ensures that only users’ words – and not traffic or hallway chatter – is captured.

In addition, RecMic microphones are designed to capture the entire spectrum of human speech. Competitors’ models, by contrast, are designed to perform best when users speak very loud and very slow. RecMic lets you speak naturally.

A Reputation for Reliability.

RecMic - Reliable USB microphones for medical personnelOlympus has been producing the world’s most reliable professional dictation products for decades – and RecMic is no exception. Even the integrated USB cable is state-of-the-art; it’s been lab-tested to function normally after 80,000 test cycles … nearly twice as many as competitive models.

The RecMic DR-2300’s precise slide switch control is even more durable – proven to function normally after 360,000 test cycles. The competitor’s starts to break down after only 30,000.

Easy to Use. Easy to Maintain.

Olympus RecMic Series for RadiologistsRadiologists and medical office staff have a lot of data to record. That’s why RecMic USB microphones are designed to be easy to use for hours and hours.

RecMic’s ergonomic features are unmatched. From a place to rest your index finger and a comfortable grip to a large trackball, nothing has been overlooked.

The microphones’ controls can be configured to meet the needs of any user. It’s easy to choose between left- and right-handed configurations, or to map different commands to different buttons. And it can all be done device by device, or by a centralized IT administrator.