Olympus’ handheld digital voice recorders, USB microphones and accessories can be used to create integrated audio solutions for any workflow or IT environment. It’s not just about industry-leading hardware and software — it’s about saving your organization time, money and hassle.

For Legal

Dictation has long been a staple of law firms — there’s simply no better way for a busy attorney to take thorough case notes and record large amounts of information. And thanks to the next generation of digital Professional Dictation Systems from Olympus, the best is even better.

Portable handheld devices allow attorneys to dictate on the go, and Olympus’ ODMS software automatically routes recordings into the firm’s workflow, either to a transcriptionist or directly into speech recognition software. For the attorney looking to provide the ultimate in client service, there’s no more secure, reliable or flexible digital voice recorder solution on the market. Click here to learn more.

For Healthcare

Physicians’ time is stretched thinner than ever. As patient load increases, the need to keep thorough, accurate records grows proportionally. What’s the answer? How can a doctor continue to provide excellent patient care in a limited number of hours? Digital dictation from Olympus.

When using an Olympus Professional Dictation System, physicians are free to fully express their thoughts on each patient, creating more detailed records in a fraction of the time of typing. Olympus’ next-generation dictation tools streamline the transcription process as well, integrating directly with any facility’s workflow and leading speech recognition software. The result is improved recordkeeping, efficiency and care without significantly increased overhead. Click here to learn more.

For Business

How can a busy businessperson automate work and share information, all while saving time and concentrating on their core competencies? Professional digital dictation and digital voice recorders from Olympus.

From security to streamlined workflows, Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are the ideal solution for information sharing within a corporate environment. Click here to learn more.